Quality Is Still King And Yes, People Know The Difference

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There’s an intriguing article in the 1/28/2015 edition of the Chicago Tribune by Chris Jones (h/t You’ve Cott Mail) that examines the resurgence of suburban theater in the greater Chicago area. Among the reasons Jones’ lists for their recovery is a new dedication to quality, such as reversing trends toward using synthesized or recorded music accompaniment along with a migration from the for profit to nonprofit business model. After years of …

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Ever Wonder What It’s Like To Work In The Orchestra Field?

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I had the genuine pleasure to be a guest on Doing What Works with Maureen Anderson, a weekly radio talk show that originates from WZFG AM 1100 and runs on Sundays from 10 to midnight Central on the Radio America network. Maureen covers a variety of topics on her program and the focus of our interview was all about what it’s like to work in the orchestra business; typically, these sorts …

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A Sad Day: Andrew Patner Has Died

Andrew Patner

Chicago, indeed the entire field of classical music, lost one of its most devoted servants when music critic and broadcaster Andrew Patner unexpectedly passed away on the morning of February 3, 2015 at the age of 55. Always affable, easy to talk with, and refreshingly candid, he was the human Wikipedia for all things related to Chicago arts and culture. Andrew was a friend and colleague, he was among one of …

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Adaptistration Jobs Is Expanding

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If you’ve been to Adaptistration Jobs in the past several weeks, you’ve likely noticed the addition of listings outside of the traditional orchestra and opera fields. We started experimenting with expanded listings to see how it impacted traffic and social engagement and after tracking the metrics, everything points to a go for this being a good time to officially open the gates and allow postings from other sectors within the larger …

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Let’s Learn More About Ticketing Software And Loyalty/Reward Functionality

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The article from 1/30/2015 about ticket revenue and artificial restrictions resulting from technical limitations from ticketing providers generated a great deal of traffic and based on public comments plus private messages, it seems there is ample interest in exploring this topic to a greater extent. To that end, gathering some data is always a good place to begin; as such, I would be grateful for those of you among the ranks …

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