What Does A Concerto Taste Like?

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Usually, stories that begin with “well, we were drinking…” turn out to have something other than a happy ending but a recent article published by Holly Mulcahy on 2/11/2015 at Neo Classical proves to be an exception to the rule. Mulcahy has been chronicling a series of events leading up to her upcoming performance of Jennifer Higdon’s 2010 Pulitzer-prize winning Violin Concerto on March 12, 2015 with the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera including bringing the piece to …

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How To Calculate The Value Of A Volunteer

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Joe Patti published an entirely useful post at ArtsHacker on 2/11/2015 that provides wonderfully useful resources for calculating the value of volunteer time and using those figures, he walks you through some straightforward calculations that illustrate just how much volunteers, from board members through ushers, add to an organization’s bottom line. If you have 25 volunteers helping at 8 performances a year at around 4 hours each performance, that is 800 …

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So What’s The Real Story With Gilbert’s Exodus?

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Ever since the surprise announcement, the field has been abuzz with punditry and speculation about why New York Philharmonic (NYP) music director Alan Gilbert is leaving his position after such a comparatively short age to tenure ratio and amidst a turbulent period in the organization’s evolution via the hall formerly known As Avery Fisher renovation. The more people talk, the less likely anyone will ever have a comprehensive understanding of the …

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Best Classical Music Blog?

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Forte, a sheet music notation software company, has decided to hold a “Best Classical Music Website” contest through March 1, 2015 and the winning outlet will apparently be awarded with 3 licenses of their Forte6 (one each of Home, Basic, and Pro versions) software to be given to readers who participated in the contest poll. As of now, there are 14 different outlets and you can vote for one; having said …

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This Handy Living Wage Calculator Drills Down To City Level Data


If you work in the field of arts administration, you’ve probably figured out that it isn’t exactly the ideal career if your primary goal in life is to secure a position at the top of the economic food chain. Having said that, and regardless of your position in the field, it’s still good to keep tabs on up to date wage data and I published an article at ArtsHacker on 2/6/2015 …

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