Unraveling The Mystery Of Paid Vacation Weeks

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A few weeks ago during one of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra negotiation articles, I indicated that we would take some time to examine a topic we’ve never studied before: vacation time. Although vacation time seems like a fairly straightforward item to those outside the field, there’s actually quite a bit more going on under the surface. Necessary Perspective Like many issues within the field, this one doesn’t unfold the same …

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Is Your Organization On The IRS’ Naughty List? Here’s How You Can Find Out…

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Diamonds may be forever, but not tax exempt status. Each year, the Internal Revenue Service automatically revokes an organization’s tax exempt status for failing to file a Form 990-series return or notice for three consecutive years. According to the IRS’ records, 41,479 organizations had their exempt status automatically revoked in 2015 and yes, some of those organizations were from the orchestra field. The IRS maintains a handy searchable database that includes a …

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“Crudely Worded Criticism” Brings Court Case To A Close (for now)

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It has been just over eight months since we last examined the court battle between the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra (BPO) and their former principal oboist, Pierre Roy. After losing an arbitration over his dismissal, Roy sought to overturn the decision in federal court but according to an article by Dan Herbeck in the 2/16/2016 edition of the The Buffalo News, the judge refused to overturn the decision.

This Is How I Get Things Done

How I Get Things Done

Lifehacker.com has a long running feature titled “How I Work” and it routinely produces some fascinating content focusing mostly on creatives and tech professionals. That’s great, but wouldn’t it be nice to have something along the same lines but about arts managers? Well today’s your lucky day! Over at ArtsHacker.com, we kicked off the first of a new monthly feature: How I Get Things Done, an ongoing series that examines how arts managers stay …

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So Far, It’s Still All About Millennials


Early results from this year’s reader segmentation survey indicate that Millennial readers continue to comprise the majority of overall Adaptistration readers. Based on the nearly 150 replies at the time this article was written, Millennial readers comprise a slightly higher percentage of overall readers compared to last year’s survey. Having said that, there are some intriguing differences as well and it will be interesting to see if they end up in …

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