Avoiding Lawyer-Director Bear Traps

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There’s a superb post today at ArtsHacker, written by Joe Patti that examines problems that regularly fly under the radar related to board members who are also attorneys. The lawyer may be faced with serving dual conflicting roles, one as a lawyer providing legal advice and the other as a director with a duty to govern an organization. Perhaps the biggest consideration is attorney-client privilege. Don’t assume that any communication about …

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What Do You Call A Conservatory Grad Who Couldn’t Win An Orchestra Job?

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Q: What do you call a conservatory grad who couldn’t win an orchestra job? A: An Orchestra Manager. Granted, that’s a really old joke but it seems timely given a recent topic bouncing around related to the notion of degrees and career paths. It started off with a post from Alex Tabarrok on 2/4/2016 at MarginalRevolution and was picked up by Joe Patti via a pair of posts from 2/9/16 and …

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Is It Time To Bring Back The Take A Friend To The Orchestra Program?

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For nine years, the annual Take A Friend To The Orchestra program was a staple of Adaptistration’s Spring content. At its height, it generated more than two weeks of contributions each year but after several years, heading all of those cats became a bit overwhelming so I let the program go silent for two years. But after receiving a number of emails asking whether 2016 is the year its coming back, …

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Taming Wild West Style Branding Efforts: There’s A New Sheriff In Town

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Since it was originally published in 2012, the free Website Branding Style Guide resource here at Adaptistration has been a steady fixture among the most popular content. No worries, that resource isn’t going anywhere in the near future but it is worth pointing out that a similar service from a relatively new provider, Frontify.com, is available and offers considerably more than Adaptistration’s comparatively straightforward version. One of Frontify’s team members, Josip …

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Who Are You? 2016

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It’s time for Adaptistration’s reader segmentation survey. As promised following last year’s survey, I made sure to mark my calendar so that we didn’t inadvertently miss a year (which is what happened in 2014, d’oh!). We need to update and revise what we learned from last year about who you are and what you find most engaging. To that end, these surveys are enormously helpful in guiding Adaptistration’s content and overall direction. I’m particularly curious …

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