The Latest Example Demonstrating Why You Need An Effective Government Affairs Committee

The New Haven Independent published an article by Paul Bass on 4/20/2016 which reports that the New Haven Symphony (NHS) may lose its primary venue, Yale University’s Woolsey Hall, where the orchestra has performed for 114 years (not a typo). According to the article, the NHS is being used as a pawn in a larger political battle over a proposal in the state legislature that would impact a 182-year-old law (again, …

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Thinking Responsively About Your Logos

It’s Spring and for many arts orgs, it means you’re in the process of putting together all of next season’s marketing content. That includes putting any branding updates in place for your web and print material and one item to consider is the potential for developing a version of your logo to use inside a responsive web environment. I published an article at ArtsHacker on this topic that examines a terrific …

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Orchestra Musician Compensation Resources For Audition Candidates

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Yesterday’s post on improving the audition process generated a good round of discussion but one comment in particular about the lack of pay information provided in audition announcements among smaller and mid-size budget orchestras stood out. Great list of suggestions! There’s just one other thing from Vu Le’s list that I’d love to see given greater emphasis in the audition world – salary disclosure. Legendary orchestras that are known to pay …

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Improving The Musician Audition Process

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Before we dive too far into this rabbit hole of a topic, we should confirm that the apply-audition-award method that is the typical professional US orchestra process is perhaps best described as the “best bad option available.” This isn’t a post about reinventing the wheel, rather, it’s about looking under a few rocks to shed some transparency on an otherwise murky topic. For whatever reason, my inbox has been flooded as …

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Does Your Arts Org Employer Provide A Company Cell Phone?

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While doing some due diligence on a new business cellular provider (more on that in a few weeks), I found myself wondering how many arts orgs provide one or more group of employees with a company cell phone. As such, let’s see what we can find out. Among for-profit businesses, this is a fairly common practice but it is rather hit and miss for arts orgs. Even that varies from one …

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