Let’s Talk About Ethics & Compliance


If your organization is about to embark on updating board governance materials, be sure to take a long look at your existing ethics and compliance programs. If you don’t have much along those lines, fear not, there are some excellent resources at your fingertips to help understand how your organization can reduce risk and improve efficiency. And in an environment where may groups feel they’ve already tapped out all potential cost …

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Survey: How Did Changing Jobs Work Out For You?

Adaptistration People 021

It is no secret that attrition and job turnover has plagued this field for decades. There are a host of reasons why that’s the case, but this article isn’t about that topic; instead, let’s learn more about what influenced the decision to change jobs and how satisfied they are with the change. Please note, this survey is open to both administrative and musician employees. Notice: this survey is now closed. Results …

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Can You Make A Plug-and-Play Artistic Programming Tool That Reliably Predicts Revenue?

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There’s a fascinating article at The Economist titled How to make a hit Broadway show (h/t Thomas Cott) that invites readers to see if they can use an interactive tool to create a Broadway show that generates more revenue than Hamilton. It provides control over the type, origin, and genre of the show along with input variables for cast size, seating and the marquee value of lead actors, writers, and composers. …

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Schedule Fusion Is Here!

Sophisticated Conflict Checking

I am enormously pleased to announce the official launch of Schedule Fusion, a resource management web app designed to help business avoid conflicts and maximize resources. Features Among our goals was to make resource management extraordinarily intuitive, simple, and effective. To that end, Schedule Fusion’s features can be divided into two primary areas: Resource administration: where users manage and edit individual resources, locations, program categories (groups of resources), and resource types, …

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Wage Rules And Salary History

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Vu Le is one of the most consistent culture bloggers around today but it is particularly enjoyable when he takes on some of the most sacred of cows inside nonprofit management. His post from 8/15/2016 about the myriad of problems related to requiring job applicants to list salary history is exactly the sort of thing the field as a whole needs to hear (over and over again until the practice is …

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