#FirstSevenJobs: Arts And Culture Edition

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The Hashtag #FirstSevenJobs is beginning to make some viral momentum at Facebook and as fun as those can be, let’s take it one additional step and go with #FirstSevenArtsJobs. If you want to score Hearts instead of Likes, mention something positive about each experience. Box office staffer, usher, guest artist gopher, information booth attendant, and tour guide: Interlochen National Music Camp (work scholarships 1986, 88, 89). Technically, those are more than …

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An In-Depth Guide To Transactional Email Providers

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Last week, I published an article at ArtsHacker about what transactional emails are, how to identify all the providers you may use that generate those messages, and must-have elements to include in your message templates. Today, I published the second half of that series which focuses on how to go about making sure those messages arrive. A large part of that equation usually involves using a dedicated transactional email provider so to …

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What A Difference One Little Change Can Make

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Back in February, I introduced a new version of the featured listing upgrade at Adaptistration Jobs (details) and since then, the number of employers taking advantage of that option has increased ten-fold! The response has been so positive that I’m happy to say that I have another usability upgrade in the works in the form of an integrated payment gateway. Once everything is in place, it will reduce the payment process …

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The More Things Change, Something, Something, Something.

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Ironically enough, it doesn’t take very long to begin seeing all sorts of cyclical behaviors and discussions in this field. To a certain degree, the conversations are always new for the incoming generation of managers and artists while the advent increased public dialog across blogs and social media over the last decade has introduced a much broader cross section of stakeholders to topics and ideas that would have otherwise eluded them. …

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Become A Master Of Transactional Email

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Pop Quiz! Transactional Email is which of the following: Purpose driven messages sent to a single recipient following an online action. The B-Side* to Conjunction Junction. One-to-one emails that contain information that confirms and/or completes a process. All of the above. If you said “all of the above” then you’re on the right track (although my sources on the Conjunction Junction thing are a little sketchy) and for all the time …

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