Get Your Anthem Fix

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For the second summer Olympics in a row, I just can’t seem to get motivated enough to watch a single event. Consequently, I’ve missed out on any anthem arrangement related controversy, such as the head-scratcher arrangements from 2004 games in Greece or the 2008 games in China where that county outright stole arrangements. But I did run across an article by Alex Marshall in the 8/8/2016 edition of that highlights …

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Musicians As A Community Resource

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It is always a pleasure to work on unique projects. One recent example I wanted to point out today is the work that went into the new website for Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Violist Penny Brill’s Musicians As A Community Resource project, which focuses on a broad range of music and wellness initiatives. Brill’s work with Music and Wellness has generated international attention; everything from the British Medical Association Newsletter to the …

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Are Virtual Reality Concert Events Something Worth Chasing (for now)?

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The 8/8/2016 edition of The Guardian published an article by Brian Wise that examines recent efforts to incorporate virtual reality into the live concert experience along with preparing recorded material for use with virtual reality headsets. According to the article, around half a dozen orchestras in North American and the UK have been dipping a toe into this pool, including the LA Phil, London Symphony, and Toronto Symphony. Yet being at …

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Less Than A Week From Launch

selecting a plan will be easy

It’s always exciting to approach the finish line for a new product launch. To that end, we’re less than a week from the official Schedule Fusion launch and I wanted to take a moment to soap-box on a few items that we’re particularly pleased to have accomplished. Transparent Pricing and Payment Policies One of my pet peeves with software as a service (SaaS) providers is when they passive aggressively upsell by …

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Obsolescence in 3…2…

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Joe Patti published a thought provoking blog late in the day on 8/9/2017; it was so good, it inspired me rewrite today’s article. Titled What Is Required To Create Works That Matter? it examines the cost of doing business from an artistic excellence perspective. I know, “artistic excellence” is jargon du jour in light of recent discussions, but in the end, if we don’t focus on doing something at the highest …

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