2017 Orchestra Compensation Reports: Introduction

Orchestra Compensation Reports 2017 Introduction

As is the case with every annual orchestra compensation report, the most important element to keep in mind is these figures encompass the 2014/15 season and not the current season. Although it isn’t unusual to expect that the most recent figures available would cover the previous season, that’s not how things work thanks to these reasons: Most professional orchestras maintain a fiscal year structure that begins and ends at some point …

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Ending The Week On A High Note

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Not too long ago, you could accurately describe the Louisville Orchestra as beleaguered or embattled, but things are starting to look up in the wake of new three-year agreement. Full terms have yet to be released but base musician salary will increase five percent in the first year and three percent during years two and three. Likewise, the orchestra will expand their season from 33 weeks to 34 starting in the …

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Applying Onboarding Techniques To Boost Web Engagement

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Although we could have a long chat about employee oriented onboarding procedures, today’s post touches on how you can leverage some of those concepts to improve your web engagement. If this bit of jargon is new to you, onboarding is the procedures used to effectively integrate someone like new employee into an organization and/or familiarize with processes and policies. This is often applied to customer service points of contact as well …

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Are We Using “The Imprimatur Of A Brand Name As A Shortcut For Hiring Decisions?”

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There’s a fantastic post by Joe Patti in the 7/24/17 edition of Butts In The Seats that examines a decision by Harvard University to suspend graduate admissions for their theatre program after multiple years of unacceptable debt-to-earning potential for graduates. Patti’s article is a riff on a Chicago Tribune article by chief theater critic and arts reporter Chris Jones. Although both gentlemen work mostly in the theatre world, their thought provoking …

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Yep, Compensation Reports Are Coming Next Week (Really)

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I can say with a great deal of confidence that the 2017 orchestra compensation reports are (finally) coming out…wait…for…it…Monday 7/31 through Friday 8/4. Thanks to everyone for your patience, even the one reader who wrote in yesterday to ask with the subject line “where the [redacted] are the compensation reports!?!” (you know who you are). In the meantime, watch this and you’ll forget all about wondering when the reports are coming …

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