AFM-EPF News Continues To Look Grim

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At the beginning of July, 2017 the American Federation of Musicians & Employers’ Pension Fund (AFM-EPF) distributed a notice informing members the Plan continues to be in critical status and “it remains likely that the Plan will become critical and declining at some point in the future, perhaps as early as…April 1, 2018.” For the most part, AFM-EPF Trustees adopted a “here’s what the problem is and what we would like …

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What Is San Antonio Symphony’s “Fair And Reasonable” Future?

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If you find news coming out of the San Antonio Symphony (SAS) confusing, you’re not alone. The 501(c)3 which operates the SAS, Symphony Society of San Antonio (SSSA), has decided to cease operations and is turning over its mission driven activity to a brand-new nonprofit, Symphonic Music for San Antonio (SMSA). SSSA isn’t filing bankruptcy nor are the organizations merging. This is even different than the pseudo-hostile takeover scenarios we’ve seen …

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Symphony Society of San Antonio Is Shutting Down In Six Weeks

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According to an article by David Hendricks in the 7/19/2017 edition of the San Antonio Express-News, the Symphony Society of San Antonio (SSSA), which operates the San Antonio Symphony (SAS), will dissolve at the end of August, 2017. But here’s where things get unusual: a new 501(c)3 has announced they will replace the SSSA. Hendricks’ report indicates the new nonprofit organization, Symphonic Music for San Antonio (SMSA), will assume the SSSA’s …

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Do Yourself A Favor And Backup Your SoundCloud Files. Right. Now.

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You may not know it, but one of the most influential music and podcast streaming platforms for classical musicians is SoundCloud. If you’re not familiar with the service, just think of it like YouTube for music. The service attracts large numbers of classical music artists (instrumentalists, composers, and ensembles alike) so when the company unexpectedly announced on 7/6/2017 it was shuttering offices in San Francisco and London along with eliminating 173 …

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These Three Follow-ups Will Improve Your Email Marketing Results

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Today’s post is for all of you working with email marketing and spend a lot of time composing campaigns but you’re not entirely sure what to do afterward. Ceci Dadisman wrote an article for ArtsHacker just for you; it provides a solid approach focusing on three distinct user stories you should accommodate for follow-up campaigns: People who opened the first email but didn’t click on your call-to-action button. People who opened …

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