Lab Coats And Mallets

OIM Syndrome

Last month we examined a music listening blog from violinist Timothy Judd and I want to take a moment today and point out another relatively new culture blog written by Jason Haaheim, Principal Timpanist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra…oh, he’s also a scientist with nearly a dozen patents and more than twice that number in scientific publications. Since his inaugural post examining what it’s like to move from the world of scientific …

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Embrace The Don’ts

Adaptistration People 011

If you keep an eye on listings at, you’ve probably noticed the uptick in listings over the past few weeks. With each new wave, I’ve always found it fascinating to see what sort of language job descriptions (JD) include. As it turns out, Joe Patti had a post on that very topic at Butts In The Seats from 1/31/2018 that examines a JD from the Armed Services Arts Partnership. Nothing Ambiguous …

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Lack Of Women Composers Among Some Big Budget Orch 2018/19 Programming

Adaptistration People 195

On 1/31/2018, the always sharp Alex Ross published a short but powerful tweet about something he noticed in the 2018/19 season announcements from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Philadelphia Orchestra. Number of female composers programmed by the Chicago Symphony and the Philadelphia Orchestra for the 2018-19 season: 0 — Alex Ross (@alexrossmusic) January 31, 2018 Not too long ago, we examined a similar lack of women composers in masterworks programming …

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Red Pill/Blue Pill: Effective Data Driven Decision Making (Hint: Take The Red One)

red pill blue pill

I’m very happy to announce a third conference appearance this Spring: the 37th Annual Association of Arts Administration Educators Conference! #AAAE18 runs from May 31 – June 2, 2018 and takes place in Houston, TX. The Association of Arts Administration Educators (AAAE) consists of more than 150 member programs, all training and equipping students in arts leadership, management, entrepreneurship, cultural policy, and more. AAAE serves as a convener, a resource, and an advocate for …

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#TBT You Want To Carry That On Board And Put It Where Again?


If you’re an orchestra musician, the anxiety attached to flying with your instrument is all too familiar. Will they let you one with your instrument or not? Career roulette is fun! #not If you’re an arts manager, you know the pain of that 11th hour call from your guest artist telling you the airline wouldn’t them on the plane without checking their instrument, so they won’t be there. #NowWhat? There are …

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