Arts Advocacy Action Alert: Making Net Neutrality A Campaign Issue

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There’s a fabulous post from NTEN CEO, Amy Sample Ward, that reminds everyone of just how important it is to make Net Neutrality a key issue in the 2020 national elections. In addition to reminding everyone why Net Neutrality still matter and that the damage done in 2017 can be reversed, she provides a few key action items everyone can do to help. …in the four presidential candidate debates held so …

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If Anyone Finds A Workday On The Floor, It’s Mine

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The best thing about national holidays is the worst thing about national holidays: many of us can take the day off. But when you get to the end of the shortened work week, it always feels like you’re a little behind. And that’s precisely where I’m at today wondering how on earth Friday snuck up so quickly. It’s not a complaint inasmuch as a realization fueled by how easy it is …

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Patron Service, Patron Experience, and Patron Care

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Last year, I cancelled a membership at one of Chicago’s premier art museums due to an issue with promised member benefits. In this case, the museum designed a benefit to help sidestep a well-known pain point in the form of long entrance lines. It was simple: members receive expedited entry. It is an effective benefit that works great…until it doesn’t. Like many museums, this one does not permit patrons to carry …

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I’ll Take The Job Description Turducken On Rye To-Go Please

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It’s no secret nonprofit performing arts admins are overworked and underpaid. Fortunately, the issue is starting to get more attention but that hasn’t done much to curtail what I’ve noticed as a growing trend of stuffing an increasing amount of duties and responsibilities into single positions. Traditionally, you’ll find something resembling the following three-tiered structure at most arts orgs: Director = Mid to late career, $$$ pay, runs a department, determines …

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Time To Update Your LinkedIn Profile

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It’s the beginning of the season so now is as good a time as any to suck it up and update your LinkedIn profile. During its early years I assumed LinkedIn would be one of the numerous social media platforms to go extinct, but they’ve managed to make it through so regardless how many steps it takes, it pays to keep your profile information up to date. Case in point, over …

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