Confused About Instagram’s Stories and Live Features? I Was Too Until I Read This

I’m not a big Instagram user but it pays to stay on top of leading social media platforms which is why I tend to find tutorials written from the perspective of those inside the field I work more useful than those from generic sources. To that end, classical music entrepreneur extraordinaire Jason Heath published a pair of articles this week at ArtsHacker covering how Instagram Stories and Instagram Live work along …

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The Concert Experience Is Once Again A Hot Topic (and that’s a good thing)

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The 2/21/2017 edition of the Wall Street Journal published an article by Terry Teachout (subscriber only) that examines some recent work by the California Symphony into attracting millennials. Specifically, the article touches on the orchestra’s efforts to identify reasons why new ticket buyers are discouraged from returning and, spoiler alert, they are mostly non-artistic. If all of this sounds a bit familiar, that’s because the California Symphony’s executive director, Aubrey Bergauer, …

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Easier Gigs

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The 1/24/2017 edition of the Wall Street journal published an article by Charles Passy that examines the decision by New York Philharmonic president Matthew VanBesien to depart his position in favor of taking a position as president of the University of Michigan’s University Musical Society. VanBesien is the latest orchestra CEO to exit for an academic post. Recent examples include Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s Trey Devey leaving for a position at the Interlochen …

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Let’s Be Friends


A few months ago, I made a big switch from using traditional comments to a system powered by Facebook. At the time, I mentioned this switch was an experiment in progress and now that we’re several weeks in I can say that it will be the ongoing standard for the foreseeable future. Since making the switch, a several readers who used to leave comments anonymously over verified likelihood of suffering retaliation …

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New Year, New Gig?

Adaptistration Jobs

If you haven’t been to Adaptistration Jobs lately, you’re missing out on a flood of new listings; in fact, there are ten new listings alone in the last three days! There’s even a Featured Listing for a newly created position at California Symphony, Director of Patron Loyalty, which just happens to be the group where one of the recipients for ArtsHacker’s Most Creative People In Arts Administration, 2016 serves as executive …

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