Introducing Inside The Arts’ Newest Blog: Who’s Your Audience?

Who's Your Audience Hero

Today marks the inaugural post for the first new blog at Inside The Arts since 2011: Who’s Your Audience?; Doug Rosenthal on the art and industry of classical music. The author is Washington DC based trombonist Doug Rosenthal, who serves as the Assistant Principal Trombonist of the Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra/Washington National Opera Orchestra (fit that on a bumper sticker, I dare you!). Although Inside The Arts currently features a number …

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We’ve Reached The End Of An Era As Sticks and Drones Retires

Adaptistration People 183

Sticks and Drones’ inaugural post went live on September 14, 2007 and with it came the birth of the Inside The Arts cultural blogging exchange. Since then, the blog has generated nearly one million views and has been one of the most popular outlets at the exchange, but we’ve come full circle and are now at a point where it is time to for the blog to retire. Having said that, …

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Final Clue For Inside The Arts’ New Author

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One week from today on Monday, 2/1/2016, the newest blog at Inside The Arts goes live! As the first new blog since 2011, it’s exciting to get caught up in newness of everything from finalizing the blog topic to the design so the author and I wanted to share a bit more about what’s in store via today’s final clue. You already know the new author is from the Washington D.C. …

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Three Tips And A Clue

Say click here again

It’s time to clear out a few pet peeve demons by channeling the energy into constructive efforts. To that end, I published an article At ArtsHacker today that covers three common design and content mistakes and how to fix them. Care to guess what the first one is all about? As promised via the initial tease from 12/30/16, here’s the latest clue to the new Inside The Arts author coming in …

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There’s A New Inside The Arts Author Coming In 2016

Shortly after it was launched in November, 2007, Inside The Arts grew include a several new culture blogs in the space of a few years and over that time, some of the outlets have welcomed new authors but we haven’t seen a brand new blog since 2011. That’s going to change in 2016. I’m pleased to announce that Inside The Arts will have a brand new outlet featuring a brand new …

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