A New Way To Look Before You Leap

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Times published an article about an interactive seating chart tool being developed for the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s website. Called Seat Buddy, the online tool promises to let website users get a better look at the inside of the concert hall as well as what Seat Buddy’s founder described in the article as the hall’s depth…

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Microsites: The Future Of Performing Arts Websites?

I was hoping that Monday’s article about the "Ode To A Ford" project would spark a comment or two about the added value Ford’s microsite added to what is a straight-up viral ad campaign. I remember having a conversation with a colleague who doesn’t work in the orchestra business and isn’t a musician about a year ago and we were talking about the quality of orchestra website education sites. In general, we concluded that most weren’t very educational from the perspective of getting the user involved in the subject material. "As someone who doesn’t know much about classical music to begin with, I don’t come away from educational pages feeling like I learned anything." …

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Ode To A Ford

Whatever you’re doing, stop and gather around anyone in your immediate vicinity to watch this video and learn more about this project! The video, which has been released in certain parts of Europe and the UK, is a commercial produced by Ford Motor Company to promote one of their redesigned cars, the Ford Focus. You can watch a larger version of the video here and for any naysayers out there saying "no way, that has to be fake" read on…

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