There Goes Joe

The Philadelphia Inquirer published an article by Peter Dobrin yesterday which reports that Philadelphia Orchestra president, Joe Kluger, will be resigning his position as of August 31st, 2005.

Peter’s article goes on to report that Joe will be assuming a consulting role with AEA Consulting, an arts consulting firm headed up by managing principal, Adrian Ellis.  I published a few articles  about some of Adrian’s views about the industry being overbuilt back in October, 2004.

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How Vs. Why

How important is process an organization uses to achieve a goal? I’ve been putting some extra thought into this question lately because an increasing number of nonprofit organizations have been doing one of two things: improving the internal relationship between constituents via an inclusive shared process or damaging those relationships with a faulty process.

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Pension Plans And Negotiations Part 2

Adaptistration People 033

To continue where Part 1 left off, we’ll examine how some of the pension issues related to the Philadelphia Orchestra situation have influenced the course of negotiations. The Philadelphia Orchestra Association (POA) utilizes a defined benefits pension plan. This means the POA and not the individual players assume the risk to ensure that the pension plan has enough funds to make the required payments to retired employees. The POA expands on …

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Pension Plans And Negotiations Part 1

Adaptistration People 033

Among the many issues related to contract negotiations, one of the leading subjects is retirement benefits and pension plans in particular. This negotiation season is no different, but pension plans seem to be more of a hot button issue. The reasons are related to the ability of orchestra associations to adequately fund their pension plans as required by their contract with the musicians and Federal regulations. Take the current negotiation underway …

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