The Realities of Orchestral Life

Next Monday, September 27th I have the honor of serving as a guest speaker at the Eastman School of Music’s Institute for Music Leadership.  The class, taught by Professor Ray Ricker, is titled "The Realities of Orchestral Life" and explores changing attitudes and the ways musicians can become more pro-active in shaping their workplace; my topic for that evening’s class is "Negotiating Your Future".

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Play And Talk In Philadelphia

Shortly after midnight on 9/20/04 the negotiating teams for The Philadelphia Orchestra Association and the American Federation of Musicians, Local 77,  jointly issued the following statement: The negotiating teams for The Philadelphia Orchestra Association and the American Federation of Musicians, Local 77, have been working for many months in an effort to negotiate a new agreement.   The Musicians’ negotiating team has been creative in suggesting ideas to generate additional revenue and …

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Website Reviews: Special Recognition Awards

Even though there was only one orchestra in 1st place, I wanted to take the time to award some of the really wonderful and unique aspects from among the websites I evaluated.  These features deserve recognition and attention from those inside and outside of the industry.  I also wanted to point out some orchestra website features that simply have no good reason for being there.  Best Musician Information: Oregon SymphonyWithout a …

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The Best Orchestra Website Is In Chicago

After the dust settled from the evaluation process, it was clear the winner was the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. They didn’t win because they’re one of the “Big five” orchestras or because they have a big budget, there were plenty of big budget orchestras that received low scores ( {cough, cough} New York {cough} L.A. {cough} Pittsburgh). They won because they designed the core of their website from the right point of …

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1st Annual Adaptistration Orchestra Website Review

What makes a good orchestra website?  Is it pretty pictures, a nice layout, or color scheme that makes you feel warm and comfortable? All of those things are worth considering at some level but they’re also subjective. An orchestra website should focus on two basic principles that are not subjective, one major and the other minor: generating revenue and disseminating information… Given the industry-wide fall off of subscription ticket sales the …

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