Looking Ahead To Organizational Blogging

After posting a blog earlier in the week about the Edmonton Symphony’s new blog, I received a number of emails from marketing professionals pointing out blogs they currently like and asking a bunch of questions about the nuts and bolts behind starting an organizational blog. Coincidentally, one of my favorite geek blogs, problogger.net, posted a pair of articles about emerging trends in blogging as well as a few fundamental items that won’t change anytime soon. As a result, I’ve come up with some insights…

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In Columbus, Why Read When You Can Watch?

On Tuesday, May 20, 2008 the musicians of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra (CSO) held a press conference to release a proposed financial plan prepared by Wachovia Securities Vice-President, Daniel R. LaMacchia. The musicians assert that this plan will allow the organization to move forward with an uninterrupted 2008/09 season as well as produce financial stability the CSO board has been seeking. According to an article in the 5/21/2008 edition of the Columbus Dispatch, CSO board president Robert "Buzz" Trafford accepted the musician’s invitation to resume negotiations but took the opportunity to deride LaMacchia’s credentials.

"Mr. LaMacchia is a stockbroker and I’m not sure how much he knows about the operations of a symphony orchestra," Trafford said.

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#5 On The List Might Be A Bit High…

My thanks to a sharp eyed reader who forwarded a link to a Robert Cross’ 7 Reasons To Go to Columbus, Ohio which recently appeared in the Chicago Tribune. Coming in at #5 on Robert’s list is Columbus’ culture scene; in particular (emphasis added), “Theaters, orchestras, dance companies, that university campus, art museums . . . ” Given the Columbus Symphony Orchestra executive board’s decision to abstain from subscription sales for …

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Berlin Philharmonic Concert Hall On Fire

As of 1:20pm ET firefighters in Berlin have been working to extinguish a fire at the Berlin Philharmonic’s concert hall. According to a BBC report, firefighters have cut holes in the building’s roof to battle the fire and that the building has suffered "major damage." No one was reportedly injured and musicians and staff have been able to remove some instruments.