Chrysler, The DSO, And The Super Bowl

There was a fascinating Super Bowl advertisement from Chrysler Group LLC. Although the ad was designed to see the new Chrysler 200, the ad’s star wasn’t the car, it was the literal city of Detroit; its perseverance, independence, and its strength among world class competitive markets…

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Congratulations To The Adaptistration Premium Subscription Winners!

The 2011 Readership Segmentation Survey drawing took place over the weekend and three winners have been identified. The grand prize winner receives a full access pass, valued at $80.00, through December 31, 2011 while the remaining two win a single subscription pass, valued at $50.00 each, through December 31, 2011…

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Muti Faints During Rehearsal, Slatkin Fills In

In a different time and place, I would have though the press release from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) announcing that music director Riccardo Muti became ill and fainting during Thursday’s rehearsal and Leonard Slatkin was going to fill in was a gag. But sure enough, Muti was ill and taken to a local hospital although all reports seem to indicate that he will be fine. And yes, Slatkin took over the concert…

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Detroit News Editorial Blames Musicians

The 2/2/2011 edition of the Detroit News published an editorial which pulled no punches when it came to laying the all of the blame for the Detroit symphony Orchestra (DSO) work stoppage at the feet of the musicians and their supporters. Unfortunately, an attempt to summarize a protracted labor dispute the magnitude of the DSO’s is practically impossible in the space of a print editorial, and this one is no exception…

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Join The Discussion

There’s a fascinating comment thread discussion going on at the The O’Riley Factor (no, not that one) article here from 1/31/2011. Christopher O’Riley (yes, that one) posted a comment that started what I think is a very useful discussion about how both parties in a labor disputes distribute official information and details that come from unofficial sources. There’s a good bit about the distinction between a musician’s position and the musicians’ opinion…

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