More From Louisville: Ball's In Your Court

It appears that we didn’t have to wait very long for the next move in Louisville following the Louisville Orchestra (LO) board’s decision to re-engage the musicians in bargaining. On 3/29/2012, the Louisville Orchestra Musicians Association (LOMA) issued a press statement indicating that they are willing to return to work vis-a-vis a one year agreement, but only under the following stipulations.

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Hurry Up And Wait In Louisville

It seems news may be brewing in Louisville; however, the key word there is “may.” According to the 3/26/12 edition of the Louisville Courier-Journal in an article by Elizabeth Kramer, the Louisville Orchestra (LO) board of directors have decided to send the musicians a new proposal. And with the one year waypoint for the LO operating in the dark rapidly approaching, this could be a significant development or the latest in a string of “hurry up and wait” developments.

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I Plead No Contest

There’s been much grumbling throughout the culture blogging community following Spring for Music’s announcement that they planned to launch a blogging competition to determine what they defined as the “Best Arts Blogger in America.” Granted, is seems as though they’ve toned down the PR speak a bit and are now calling it the “2012 Great Arts Blogger Challenge.”

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The Ridge Address: A Warning-Response Opportunity

Although I plan to post my observations about the entire 2012 American Orchestra Summit later this week, I wanted to focus on what was perhaps the most engaging component of the entire event: a keynote address from International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians (ICSOM) chair Bruce Ridge and the subsequent rebuttal session with League of American Orchestras president Jesse Rosen.

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