Reader Response: “You want specifics about work rules? I’m not sure why.”


It has been a very long time since a reader comment has been posted as a formal entry but a recent comment to the discussion thread from the 3/26/2013 article about the San Francisco Symphony work stoppage deserves the attention. For the sake of perspective; although this reader did post under an anonymous moniker, s/he did go through Adaptistration’s regular vetting process and at the end, it was clear that this …

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Perish The Thought

Joe Patti published an absolutely fantastic article on 3/25/213 that examines the notion of corporate boards inviting artists into the mix in order to help keep the company profitable and healthy. The part that cuts to the quick is Patti’s conclusion where he touches on one of the more fundamental disconnects which contributes to the current undertow of recent labor disputes in the orchestra field. In wondering why [having artists sit …

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Government Oversight In Action: Minnesota Orchestra Will Be Audited

According to a report by Euan Kerr in the 3/25/2013 edition of MPR News, it appears that the Minnesota Legislative Auditor, Jim Nobles, has granted the request from nearly half of the state’s legislature to conduct an audit of the Minnesota Orchestra Association’s (MOA) books. The request letter from 3/7/2013 included mention of reviewing the MOA’s feasibility study for the remodeling of Orchestra Hall, a review of the use of all …

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These Aren’t The Droids You’re Looking For…

these aren't the droids you're looking for

There’s a terrific article by Janos Gereben in the 3/25/2013 edition of the San Francisco Classical Voice that begins to push past much of the talking point fluff coming from the San Francisco Symphony (SFS) and its musicians. In short, there’s plenty of ambiguous spin and attempted caginess to go around; all of which only makes the entire labor debacle look that much worse. But the part which should catch your …

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Back After A Whirlwind Weekend With Some Thoughts About Nashville

It was go-go-go this past weekend in Los Angeles, CA for the HEARTbeats Foundation’s benefit album release event (more on that later in the week when pictures are ready but you can purchase a copy now at iTunes); in the meantime, I wanted to post some thoughts on the Nashville Symphony Orchestra’s (NSO) news last week about made it into the news last week. Nashville Scene reporter John Pitcher authored an …

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