Another Minnesota Orchestra Cancellation

Almost as if on cue, the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) announced that it has cancelled all concert events through April 27, 2013. In an effort to make the cancellations appear magnanimous, MOA President and CEO Michael Henson told MPRNews that the MOA has not “intentionally…cancelled the rest of the season because we want to send a very clear signal…that we really want to negotiate and find a settlement.” The MOA announcement …

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Do You Really Need That App?

Recently, my Smartphone decided life was far too easy and that it should add some excitement by requiring a system reboot. Granted, regular backups and Google accounts made comparatively short work of getting all of the data and apps back on the phone, but the process served as a good excuse to engage in a little app-pruning exercise. Simply put, the process was eye opening. More than half of the apps …

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Stop Being So Goddamn Nice!

With all the frenzied attention on the San Francisco Symphony (SFS) strike it almost seemed like that was the only work stoppage taking place. Almost. Once the shiny curiosity of the SFS started to wear off, it became tough to miss the hulking twin disasters that are the thirteen or so fortnight long lockouts at the Minnesota Orchestra and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. Both work stoppages have festered for so long …

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Nothing Good To Report From San Francisco

Unfortunately, the San Francisco Symphony (SFS) labor disputes continues and in the wake of the East Coast tour cancellation, both sides have been issuing statements attempting to strengthen their respective public positions. Moments after the musicians voted against the federal mediator’s proposed 60 day “cooling off” period, the SFS issued a statement confirming the cancellation of the entire East Coast tour. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the focus of the statement was on the …

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It’s Tax Time + San Francisco Cancels Tour

I’m buried up to my neck in preparing everything tax related to send off to my accountant extraordinaire (if you’re local Chicago, get in touch, for his firm’s contact info); as such, I’m shirking my blogging duties today by posting some San Francisco Symphony related links but rest assured, I’ll be back in the saddle again tomorrow and hopefully, there will be some good news to post about San Fran. Janos …

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