Brassball SmackDown

Adaptistration Guy Baseball

Admittedly, it was a mystery to me which teams were even in this year’s World Series until the wonderfully entertaining video from the respective brass sections at the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (SLSO) and Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) went live on 10/22/2014. The clever bit is the brainchild of SLSO Principal Trumpet Karin Bliznik and BSO Fourth/Utility Trumpet Michael Martin. I asked Martin about what went into making the video and …

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Get Some Facebook Cover Photo Inspiration

Ever since Facebook launched cover photos for profiles and pages in 2011, creative users have been pushing the boundaries of what can be done with the space. But for a field built atop creativity, most orchestra cover photos aren’t terribly creative. That doesn’t mean they aren’t any good; quite the contrary, most use overwhelmingly gorgeous glory shots of the full ensemble or rotate images to feature guest artists etc. I did …

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Helpful Web Advice Straight From The Iron Tongue

If you aren’t already aware of it, Lisa Hirsch over at Iron Tongue of Midnight has an excellent page with plenty of do’s and don’ts about how performing arts organizations should approach some aspects of web design. It is particularly useful in that it includes reminders for lingering items otherwise easily overlooked in modern web design. One of my favs is the reminder against embedding pdf or doc files in place …

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Changes Afoot


The next two weeks usher in big changes to Adaptistration, albeit more behind the scenes than out front. The single biggest component is relocating from the Chicago suburb of Oak Park to the very heart of downtown Chicago and even though we won’t be dropping any publication days, it does mean a few scheduled projects are going to be moved forward a bit until everything related to the move is complete. …

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So Bad It Hurts

Among the string of Norm Lebrecht’s 10/17/2013 posts is one titled Worst classical covers of 2013 and it delivers what it promises vis-a-vis a string of curious album covers, not to mention one that is borderline creepy. Thankfully, Lebrecht’s post jogged my memory about a similar article from back in July I intended to write about but promptly forgot after getting sidetracked by labor dispute news. Here’s a few more …

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