My Experiences With HealthCare.Gov


Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last several months, you’re likely aware that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) launch was a clusterfuck of gargantuan scale. That sort of language isn’t common here and it is used now to reinforce just how wretched of an experience it has been interacting with the ACA’s primary point of contact known as Nonetheless, after months of trying I was finally able to …

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Potentially Troublesome USPS Forwarding Policies


During my recent move, I noticed something different about the USPS mail forwarding policy compared to the my previous move eight years prior in that bulk mail (periodicals, newsletters, magazines, advertisements, circulars, etc.) is no longer automatically forwarded along with other types of mail classes. That option must be manually selected in one of the USPS’ subsequent confirmation messages and is listed separately from magazine and periodical deliveries. Moreover, even if …

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The Right Way To Gear Up For The End Of Year Online Giving Push


Although it is no surprise that arts orgs are gearing up for the end of the year contribution push, one trend catching my attention in 2013 is the increase in groups focusing more efforts to streamline the online donation process. Of particular interest is providing the ability for potential donors to get in and out of the online donation process in only a few minutes and on a single online page; …

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The Orchestra 990 Database Project Update: HELP!


Good news everybody, exploratory work for the Orchestra 990 Database Project is all done. The technical aspects are worked out and not only do we know it can be done, we also have a very firm idea of how much time and resources it will take; but there’s one thing that has us stumped so we need your help. Specifically, it is related to the Kickstarter campaign and here’s the part …

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Giving Program Pick For December, 2013: Mae Mai


My choice for December’s Giving Program recipient is Jon Silpayamanant’s Mae Mai; a broad collection of posts on a variety of classical music topics both traditional and contemporary. Jon’s writing about the series of labor dispute related crisis at US orchestras has been fascinating to watch evolve from casual observer to someone who is eyeball deep in the minutiae of the heavy duty topics that occupy that space. Additionally, Jon does an excellent …

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