Oregon Symphony Finally Gets A New CEO

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It has been nearly two seasons since the Oregon Symphony started looking for a new executive administrator and after the usual crop of candidates left them struggling to find a viable candidate, the search committee looked outside the box and ended up tapping LA Phil Vice President for Development Scott Showalter as their new President and Chief Executive Officer. Inside sources indicate Showalter came to the search committee’s attention after board …

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It’s About Damn Time


After five years of one labor dispute after another, it is satisfying to finally see a musician stakeholder group take a smarter approach toward developing a meaningful online presence. The New York Times published an article by Michael Cooper on 5/20/2014 that examines the metorchestramusicians.org website project; how it began, what sets it apart from other efforts, and why it is worth your attention. Perhaps the most important aspect about metorchestramusicians.org, …

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A Positive Message About Change And Adversity


On 5/20/2014, Opera America (OA) published a statement about the San Diego Opera and related issues as they apply to the opera field. The statement acknowledges the difficulties opera organizations have been experiencing since the economic downturn but unlike similar efforts (remember Red Alert?) it conveys a meaningful upbeat message that doesn’t fall prey to self-deceiving, Pollyannaish nonsense. For instance, OA doesn’t mince words when it comes to difficulties: But instead …

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Another Useful Resource To Help Survive The Post Net Neutrality Slowdown

Forewarned is forearmed, so to that end you should be up to speed on the impending slowdown that will transpire once the FCC implements its new series of rules that will eradicate Net Neutrality (latest details). In short, the new goal will be the ability to make page load speeds as low as possible. We examined several tools in September, 2013 that you can use to begin measuring and troubleshooting page …

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It Is Deadline Day For San Diego Opera


Update: 1:08pm CT: The San Diego Opera has announced that they will stay open for business and they have posted details for the 20115 season which includes productions of La Boheme, Don Giovanni, Nixon In China, and a 50th Anniversary Celebration Concert. Today marks the self-imposed deadline for the San Diego Opera (SDO) to reach its fundraising goal in order to determine whether or not the organization will carry out a …

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