Five Articles People Should Stop Writing

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In the silver age of new media, one might think that the proliferation of new voices and platforms would expand discussions about classical music. By and large, it has done exactly that; at the same time, it has also served as fertile ground for some of the least productive topics to proliferate like a super virus going airborne in midtown Manhattan. To that end, and in the same spirt as the …

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Fiber TV Ads Could Be Very Good News For Performing Arts Orgs

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It may have flown under your radar but the 5/20/2015 edition of published an article by Matt Novak that reports on Google’s intent to begin modifying how television viewers using its Google Fiber service. Simply put, Google wants to sell ads directly and make them function more like their successful targeted online ads. Given that Google earns most of its revenue from online ads, it should come as no big …

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Pittsburgh Strikes Back. At Themselves.

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On 3/15/2015, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an article by Elizabeth Bloom reporting on a $100,000 marketing study that uncovered audience development woes at the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO). On 3/19/2015, the chairs from the orchestra’s board and musicians’ committee (Dick Simmons and Micah Howard, respectively) co-authored an op-ed piece that takes issue with the article and, rather surprisingly, their own marketing study. If you find yourself reading through the post a few …

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Hey, I’ve Emerged. Where’s My Cake?

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ArtsHacker Samantha Teter published a post on 3/18/2015 that has been extraordinarily popular post that harnesses her post-emerging professional arts manager knowledge on how other post-emerging professional arts managers can stay sharp and acquire new skills. It doesn’t take long in this field to wake up one day and realize you’re no longer the shiny new entry level staffer and that’s just about the same time you realize that most resources out …

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Well Worth Your Time

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If you haven’t taken the time to read James B. Stewart’s missive in the 3/23/2015 edition of The New Yorker about the Metropolitan Opera’s recent labor dispute and related political rapids, then you’re missing out. Yes, it is nearly 9000 words, but you’ll be glad you allocated the time. Even if you’re already quite familiar with The Met’s recent rumble, the article goes a long way toward filling in some of …

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