A Gig Of Last Resort? Part 1

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There’s an interesting article by Tim Smith in the 3/8/2015 edition of the Baltimore Sun that examines the unusual decision by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) musicians to engage the services of a public relations firm. Although hiring a PR firm isn’t unusual in and of itself, it is typically reserved for times of active bargaining but the BSO’s current master agreement doesn’t expire until the end of the 2015/16 season …

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Become A Better Communicator By Mastering Screencaps


How many times have you endured the frustration of exchanging half a dozen email messages when one would have sufficed due to a lack of visual frame of reference for something like a specific element within a website or a piece of print material still in the design stages? Fortunately, one of the most useful skills you can develop to cut through the frustration and get the feedback you need is …

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Looking Ahead

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Today marks the end of an incredibly busy stretch of work which means time will once again materialize and we can pick up on a few of the topics waiting patiently on the backburner, such as equal pay for equal work. In the meantime, a few things that slipped my mind but worth mentioning here include some updates at Adaptistration Jobs that combine the new user and job submission process. Simply …

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The Hall Formerly Known As Avery Fisher Has A New Name

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Barely four months after announcing The Hall Formerly Known As Avery Fisher (THFAAF) was up for naming rights dibs, the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts found a taker. According to an article by Robin Pogrebin in the 3/4/2015 edition of New York Times, the naming rights are going to cover approximately 1/5 of the half a billion dollar renovation. The individual picking up the tab is David Geffen, #195 in …

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Give In to Your Anger!

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Keeping a cool head is a skill that requires continuous practice, especially in the age of social media and the rise of trolling. Fortunately, ArtsHacker Phil Paschke has some resources to help quiet the voices in your head urging you to the dark side in a post from 2/25/15 titled Embracing The Online Anger that focuses on dealing with negative feedback by way of Twitter. And since we’re on the topic …

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