A Tentative Deal In Grand Rapids

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It looks like we’re one step closer to wrapping up the list of outstanding mid to large budget orchestras with expired agreements that have managed to ratify a new contract without resorting to a work stoppage. The Grand Rapids Symphony (GRS) reportedly reached a tentative five-year agreement after more than seven months of play and talk. The new agreement must be ratified by the GRS board and the musicians before terms …

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So Good, It Makes Me Angry

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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: Joe Patti doesn’t seem to be capable of writing a bad blog post. Cases in point, two of his recent posts rise to the level of must-read status. The first article went up at his blog, Butts In The Seats, and it addresses one of my growing pet peeves as of late in the form of poorly written job descriptions …

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What Every Conductor Should Know About Working With Marketers

CS Fellowship

On 3/15/2016 I had the pleasure to taking part in a private session for a conducting fellowship program on how conductors should work with an orchestra’s marketing team and help activate social media. The session was part of the Chicago Sinfonietta’s (CS) Project Inclusion Freeman Conducting Fellowship, which grew out of the organization’s existing musician fellowship program. The Sinfonietta is a pioneer in the field in that it was among the …

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Take My Ticket, Please!

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About a decade ago, the notion of ticketless events was a hot topic but it was several years ahead of its time. Fortunately, the technology curve is beginning to catch up and we’re at a point in time where affordable solutions that are also user-friendly for both patron and organization have started trickling into the market. Joe Patti recently touched on this topic over at Butts In The Seats via a …

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Even The Smartest Arts Managers Tend To Overlook This Critical Item


Few things are more wince-inducing than seeing an arts organization lose years of Google analytics data due to something as simple as staff attrition. Fortunately, it’s an easy bear trap to avoid if you know what to look for. To that end, I published an article today at ArtsHacker.com that explains exactly what the problem is and the simple steps you can take to avoid it from happening to your organization. …

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