Congress Pushes Back Against Arts Cuts

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Although the Trump administration may consider the arts and humanities as nothing but waste, it appears Congress doesn’t share such a dim view. On Monday, May 1 congress reached a budget agreement that matins existing funding and proposes modest increases for 2017 (h/t @Americans4Arts). PROGRAMS 2016 Appropriations (in millions) Proposed funding through 9/30/17 National Endowment for the Arts $148 $150 National Endowment for Humanities $148 $150 Assistance for Arts Education through …

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One Of The Best Skills You Can Learn To Increase Your Value As An Arts Marketer

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If there was only one tech oriented skill I could recommend to arts marketers that will help them stand out from their peers, it would be learning CSS. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), is a style sheet language that tells a website how to look and since that’s the component most people have an easiest time connecting with, it doesn’t take much to see how learning the basics of CSS can increase …

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An Eight Year Legal Dispute Finally Resolves

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It isn’t often we get to revisit a topic more than eight years later but it looks like the long running legal dispute between composer Nathan Currier and the now defunct Brooklyn Philharmonic is finally resolved. When we last examined the dispute in 4/14/2009, we discovered a debacle of a new music commission project that ended up with the orchestra stopping the premier of Currier’s Gaian Variations without performing the entire work. …

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