So…About That Misogyny

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Just a quick thought exercise post for today. Consider this: in the wake of the #MeToo movement, how should performing arts organizations handle content that was created during the age of rampant misogyny and sexism? Opera is almost certainly the tip of that spear and a recent article in The Economist started asking many of the questions surrounding this premise. While that post approaches the issue mainly from whether parents should …

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Will These Changes Cause Your Org To Lose Its Google Ad Grant?

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There’s a terrific article by Jason King in the 1/23/2018 edition of the Nonprofit Technology Conference blog that examines how recent changes to Google Ad Grant’s terms and conditions put some users at risk of temporary account suspension. A whole raft of new rules came into effect on the January 1st of 2018, many of which carry the risk of temporary suspension of your account. Here are some of the new …

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Oregon Bach Fest Is Back In The News

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In what might feel like déjà vu at this point, the Oregon Bach Festival (OBF) is once again thrust into PR crisis mode shortly after their last brush fire seemed to be fading into memory. The latest incident was made public via the 1/26/2018 edition of the Eugene Weekly in an article by Bob Keefer. According to that article, the OBF hired a guest conductor, Jaap ter Linden, who was previously dismissed …

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Orchestra: The Board Game!

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Board games are apparently hot right now; everything from the traditional table top offerings you probably remember as a kid as well as a rapidly growing field geared toward adults. Those latter offerings have gone a long way toward expanding the notion of games beyond win or lose. In a timely post, Joe Patti published an article that examines a game designed by the city of Helsinki “to facilitate conversations and …

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#TBT Are Blog Rolls Still A Thing? (Spoiler: Yes)

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Of all the trends to come and go in the world of blogging, blog rolls seem to have a good amount of staying power. Perhaps one reason why is because the blogs tend to have staying power. I checked* the links on Adaptistration’s blogroll and all but two were active. After yesterday’s article pointing out Timothy Judd’s The Listeners’ Club blog, I realized it wasn’t in my own blogroll. I have …

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