Baltimore Decides To Do Away With the Safety Net

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Back in November, we examined some of the contentious negotiation points in the ongoing negotiations between the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) and its musicians. Fast forward a few months and according to a 1/15/2019 press statement from the musicians, not much has changed. The only exception being the employer has decided not to extend the written play-and-talk agreement, which extended the terms of the previous agreement for four months. According to …

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CRM As Strategy, Or, Calculating A Snowball’s Chance In Hell

Throwing money at a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will make you feel good. Really good. They’re shiny, sexy, digital tools that are easy to sell. They’re also completely useless if you don’t know what you’re trying to do with them. CRM providers have become frighteningly effective at getting potential customers to see past that fact. It’s increasingly common to see CRM providers develop a sales pitch that presents their platform …

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You Do Not Want To Push Any Of These Buttons

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Anyone with more than a handful of time working in this field has encountered one of several progress roadblocks in the form of hearing about why something can’t be done. Recently, Ceci Dadisman published a bit of an arts admin rant at Medium about three of the more frustrating examples that are practically mantra in this field: “We’ve always done it that way,” “We don’t have the budget for that,” and …

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Classical Musicians And Retirement

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When it comes to retirement and pensions, there is no shortage of anxiety. Consequently, when I heard a teaser on NPR about a retirement home for orchestra and opera musicians in Italy founded by none other than composer Giuseppe Verdi, my interest was certainly piqued. It was a fascinating segment and you can listen below as well as NPR’s website (which also has the transcript). I highly recommend setting aside some …

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Let’s Get Tactical #19NTC


I’ll be at the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Portland, OR from March 12-15, 2019 and in addition to a presenting a session on creating data driven culture, I’ll be hosting one of NTC’s new tactical sessions. Tactical sessions are shorter sessions, 30-minutes each, are designed to be deep dives into practical, immediately actionable tips and tricks. If that sounds like a lot like what is all about, you’d be …

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