Domingo’s Response To #MeToo Allegations Continues To Raise Eyebrows

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The 8/14/2019 edition of the LA Times published an article by Catherine Womack that examines a cross section of concern in response to Plácido Domingo’s public statement in the wake of several #MeToo allegations. This is the same public statement we examined earlier this week that I described as “lead[ing] with a softly worded denial that simultaneously plants a seed of doubt then pivots into a sympathetic tone that projects contrition …

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Which Conferences Do You Attend?

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Ceci Dadisman presents at a lot of conferences. Seriously. A lot. There’s nearly 30 listed on her scheudle for this season and it must have got her thinking because she posted an article at ArtsHacker asking readers to list their favorite (arts and non-arts specific) conferences they find useful as arts administrators. To that end, she created a Google Doc where arts admins can list their favs which she’ll use to …

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The Latest #MeToo Installment

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What more is there to say about #MeToo revelations other than cautioning against becoming numb. To that end, the 8/13/2019 edition of the Associated Press published an article by Jocelyn Gecker that reports on allegations from multiple accusers that Placido Domingo would “pressure women into sexual relationships by dangling jobs and then sometimes punishing the women professionally when they refused his advances.” The extensively researched article does a good job at …

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Define That: Total Fiscal Transparency

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There’s a fascinating article by Charles T. Downey in the 8/12/19 edition of Washington Classical Review that examines the ongoing Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) lockout. Downey suggests that in order for the organization to maintain artistic integrity while addressing existing economic conditions, the BSO’s executive leadership must “establish total financial transparency.” That’s a superb suggestion and one that has certainly assisted with not only resolving pending labor disputes (Metropolitan Opera Orchestra) …

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Accessible Event Driven Website Features

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If accessibility isn’t on your organization’s radar, you may want to begin thinking about moving in that direction. In addition to the host of website related topics, performing arts organizations also need to consider how accessibility and sensory friendly events intersect with artistic planning and the overall concert experience. The theatre sector tends to be doing a good job at leading these efforts. Not only is their medium well-suited to the …

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