Sometimes You Just Need To Look At Some Cat Pictures

Cat and the Fiddle

It has been one of those relentlessly busy weeks and at the end of a long day of work yesterday, a colleague sends along a link to a devo appeal video on Twitter. Turns out, it was one of the worst devo appeal videos I’ve seen in a long time, as in soul-crushingly bad. It was so bad, the only means to remedy was to go look at a bunch of …

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Who Says This Field Doesn’t Benefit From Advancements In Technology?

There’s more than a bit of ironic nostalgia connected to the realization that tasks which used to be complicated and time consuming are now point-and-click straightforward. Case in point, connecting Google Analytics (GA) to any one of a dozen commonly used digital services. There was a time when you had to understand every aspect of GA’s tracking snippet code and how to work with HTML in order to do something like …

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The Gig Economy Gets A Taste Of Regulatory Oversight

Adaptistration Guy Chasing The Money

Back in May, we pointed out an article that was examining the business practices of Sofar Sounds, a presenter of non-classical music events in small venues. In a nutshell, the company’s business model has come under scrutiny of the New York State Department of Labor, who confirmed an investigation into Sofar Sounds is in motion. An article by Matthew Ismael Ruiz broke the news at According to the original article …

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Casting An Eye Toward Fall

Adaptistration People 147

A bit of a housekeeping post today. It’s hard to imagine the end of summer is much closer than the start so to that end, I took a step back to see what was in store and there are some nice topics on the horizon. I’ve had a very good exchange with the LA Opera gathering details about their pilot program to put opera into popular media culture. There’s only one …

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Even The Corporate Sector Is Acknowledging The Role Of WorkPlace Satisfaction

Adaptistration People 021

Just a quick pointer today to an article in the 8/19/2019 edition of the Washington Post written by Kena McGregor that reports on changing attitudes among top for-profit CEOs toward the singular goal of shareholder profit. You don’t need very much experience in this field to know that nonprofit arts and culture boards have been increasingly focused on adopting similar zero tolerance policies toward balanced budgets in the name of institutional …

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