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Just when I think may have plateaued into a healthy cycle of listings, it always seems to jump up to the next level. To that end, there have been quite a few new listings several of which are featured. I all kinds of happy to see listings from such a broad cross section of groups. Yes, there are plenty from the orchestra field but you’ll find a number from the …

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If You’ve Ever Forgotten What Caused A Spike In Your Analytics, This Is The Solution You’ve been Looking For

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Have you ever been looking at your Google Analytics reports and couldn’t remember what caused a traffic spike? The good news is you’re human and the better news is Google has your back with handy little tool they call annotations. I published an article at ArtsHacker yesterday that walk you through what annotations are and each step in the very short process required to create them. Seriously, these little buddies are …

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Curtis’ Latest Efforts In Crisis Management Feel “Really Hollow”

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After a wave of public push back against how it has been handling allegations of sexual abuse and impropriety, the Curtis Institute continues to work their crisis management skills toward changing public opinion and shift the narrative. Earlier attempts to assert control over the narrative were met with displeasure from alumni, one of which (Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra cellist Bronwyn Banerdt, Curtis, ’08), wrote a scathing opinion piece for the Inquirer’s 8/2/19 …

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Stop Spoiling The Newbie Concert Experience

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It should come as no secret that we can be our own worst enemies when it comes to turning off new concertgoers and no stakeholder is immune. Moreover, it never hurts to remind ourselves what we can do to avoid these bear traps and to that end, violinist Holly Mulcahy recently published an article that touches on some of the more common ways stakeholders can make new concertgoers feel like their …

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Tim Smith Couldn’t Be More Right

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Veteran music critic and cultural reporter Tim Smith published an article at his personal blog on 7/29/2019 that examined the conspicuous silence from Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) music director Marin Alsop when it comes to the summer season squashing, gala gouging lockout. I think there’s one person who can cause a major shift in the BSO’s fate, the one person who stands to lose a heckuva lot (not just a hefty …

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