State Of Employment Poll & Review August 31 – September 6

The upcoming week is traditionally the last week of the summer season and most groups are either getting into 20/21 season activity. Consequently, this week will be the final week for the poll in its current format so please encourage your friends and colleagues to submit a response. Moving forward, I’ve been putting together an updated version of the poll that will measure who stakeholder employment status continues to evolve as …

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Getting A Look At How The Social Distance Music Sausage Is Made

There’s a fabulous article in the 8/18/2020 edition of by Jim Farber that takes a detailed look at how live classical music is returning by way of Hollywood studio work. What’s really fascinating is Farber’s juxtaposition between that sector and traditional nonprofit orchestra groups. For example, Faber interviewed LA studio musician heavyweight Marc Sazer (a name long time Adaptistration readers have seen before) to learn more about what that industry …

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New For Remote Job Category

For the immediate future, remote working is a fact of life for arts organizations. So in order to help both employers and job seekers connect, I created a new Remote work category at Arts Admin Jobs. Employers can combine it with ever other existing category (marketing, development, production, executive, etc.) and job seekers can use it as a job listings filter. The goal is to help connect employers and employees and …

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Thankless Tasks


There’s no getting around the fact that groups are shedding staff and while there’s no shortage of heart-wrenching aspects to that process, one that gets overlooked is removing staff members with admin accounts from the institution’s online platforms. It’s a sucky job but it still has to get done. In order to make it suck a little less, and put the institution at less risk, I published an article at ArtsHacer …

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Remember That Time When Plácido Said He Accepted Full Responsibility For His Actions?

After multiple accusations and two formal investigations found a large number of sexual harassment allegations were credible, opera star Plácido Domingo issued multiple apologies. Back in February, I wrote “only time will tell if Domingo decides to make a tangible connection between regret and contrition” and as it turns out, it didn’t take much time at all to find out we shouldn’t expect much for either. This week, Domingo came out …

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