A Sad Day: Terry Teachout Has Died

We’ve lost so many good people from the arts and culture sector over the pandemic but the news of Terry Teachout’s passing is especially sad. I was fortunate enough to begin communicating with Terry in the early 2000’s and our email exchanges were always thought provoking. You just knew it was going to be an interesting day when a message from Terry about something you wrote arrived in your inbox. While …

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The Darker Side Of Lighthearted Humor

This week has featured some been a pretty heavy topics so let’s wrap things up with something on the slightly lighter shade of dark humor. First up is the gem from @ArtsAdminSay: Arts orgs daily since the beginning of the pandemic pic.twitter.com/9TEJhHQK3K — Shit Arts Administrators Say (@artsadminssay) January 12, 2022 The second entry from CurnowCartoons focuses on the same topic but from the patron point of view:

Workplace Mental Health: Vulnerability And Compassion Are The New Black

Over the course of the pandemic, several orchestras have been developing programs that focus on mental health of patrons. That’s a very good thing but it never hurts to remember that we need to keep an eye on one another behind the scenes. All stakeholders are feeling an enormous amount of pressure which manifests in as many ways as there are individuals. An article by Kelly Greenwood and Julia Anas that …

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How Much Is Your Org Relying On Text Based Communications?

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Whether it’s straightforward marketing messages or something transactional, text messages are a value tool in the larger communications kit. But just like any tool, when and where it should be used is the question. Ceci Dadisman published an article at ArtsHacker.com that addresses this very topic. You’ll find suggestions on when texts can be most effective along with some platforms to get up and running with little investment. https://artshacker.com/to-text-or-not-to-text/

Substitute Musician Pay In The Age Of COVID

An article in the 1/10/22 edition of marketplace.org by Kimberly Adams caught my attention because it reported on growing tensions between salaried and traveling nurses. Nutshell: due to labor shortages, traveling nurses are earning 4x the pay of their salary counterparts for doing the same work in the same location. All of this got me thinking about the long-standing issue of pay disparity between core and substitute musician pay. And yes, …

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