Remembering That You Don’t Have To Reinvent The Wheel

While the COVID driven operating environment can make your tasks feel like changing a tire on a moving car, it’s good to remember the value in taking a step back when a task feels overwhelming. Odds are, you’re overthinking it and the good news is there’s a wealth of resources to help you stay on track. When it comes to anything communications oriented, I like to visit Laws of UX. While …

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Dispatches From The Frontlines

While dealing with event production in the era of COVID is by no means easy, it’s still something most patrons and board members don’t see. And because the professionals making all of that happen are as good at it as they are, it risks comes across as simple. Thankfully, Mark Larson wrote an article for the 1/20/22 Chicago Reader that illuminates the challenges involved, the toll it takes on those doing …

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The Scourge of Referrer Spam Is On The Rise Again

If maintaining accurate Google Analytics metrics are important, you should be aware that referrer spam has been on the rise. It will not only make your metrics less reliable but if left unchecked, will damage your rankings and put you on search engine blacklists. I wrote an article about this back in 2016 for ArtsHacker and while there are still some useful points, it should come as no surprise that spammers …

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Why Yes, Talking During Concerts Is Still Annoying AF

While I can let a number of habits slide when it comes to audience behavior, one that continuously drives me insane is when audience members talk during the event. Sure, announcements about silencing phones is common but I can’t recall the last time I heard one that included a STFU component. If nothing else, imagine the pre-concert message you could create by incorporating some of the stories musicians and staff have …

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The Latest Reminder That Tech Adoption Isn’t Limited To Millennials

Even though I’ve been working to debunk it for the past several years with a mountain of research, one of the strongest stereotypes about tech adoption and demographics persists to this day: older patrons don’t use tech. One of those research resources, the Pew Research Center, published an article on 1/13/22 by Michelle Faverio that quantifies how important the online space is to all demographics (h/t Ceci Dadisman). Their latest installment …

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