The First Step In NOT Reinventing The Wheel

I completed the first in a series of articles I’m writing about how arts administrators can use the Laws of User Experience to be better at just about everything they do. The articles show you how each of the 21 practices can be applied to far more than just user experience tasks. The inaugural post focuses on using the Serial Position Effect across the following four tasks: Determining the order of …

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Friday Client Sugar

It’s always invigorating when working with great clients and a few weeks back, I had the pleasure of launching the redesigned Kansas City Repertory Theatre website: Everyone inside the organization was just wonderful to work with from the initial inquiry call to checking off the final punch list item. And because we operate on an annual license fee-based system that includes unlimited training and support, I get to interact with …

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Turn Of The Screw, Politics And Fundraising Edition

While balancing political ideology across stakeholders has always been a core task for executives and fundraisers, that world has fundamentally changed over the past several years. It’s a topic we’ve examined across several articles. And the orchestra field certainly isn’t alone. To that end, Drew Lindsay published a pair of articles at The Chronicle of Philanthropy examining this issue from the broader perspective of the larger nonprofit sector. It’s worth pointing …

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Because You Know I’m All About That Board

Washington Chorus Executive Director, Stephen Beaudoin, published an engaging post at his LinkedIn feed yesterday with five steps aspiring board members should consider that generated quite the conversation. Here’s the original post, with his permission: To all my friends and colleagues considering the service opportunity of joining a nonprofit board – Here are five steps you might want to consider before approaching a nonprofit organization to express interest in exploring potential …

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You Have More Control Than You Think

I finally found the time to write some code that displays the total number of entries in ArtsAdminJobs’ Candidate Database. It’s the most common question I get from employers interested in purchasing a subscription. I get it. Why would anyone want to buy a subscription to a database without knowing how many entries exist? I’ve been meaning to get this done for several weeks and as of today, I’m happy to …

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