A Box Office Manager’s Thoughts On Comp Tickets

While I’m away on July hiatus, I can across an absolutely wonderful post on social media from Tiffin Equitable Feltner, a Florida based arts administrator working at the intersection of arts and technology. They were weighing in on the topic of comp tickets and I thought it was such a refreshing response to a well-worn topic I wanted to share it here as a guest author post. ~ Drew McManus A …

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July Break

Business is good which means business is busy. As a result, I’ve decided to take the rest of July off from blogging but will be back on Monday, August 1. Until then, I want to point out that there’s a new dedicated LinkedIn company page for Arts Admin Jobs. The response at LinkedIn has been fantastic so far so if you don’t already follow the page, be sure to add it.

Just In Case You Thought Websites Were Losing Value

A recent report from IMACTS Experience (h/t Ruth Hartt) provides a data driven reminder about how important a website is to a nonprofit arts and culture organization. While measuring what they define as high-propensity visitors, ” folks who have an increased interest, inclination, or likelihood to attend cultural organizations,” the discovered that end-of-year 2019 vsQ2, 2022 is the engagement rate those users have with online platforms increased considerably. At the top of …

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Compensation Report Update: Hurry Up And Wait

Sadly, there’s no change in the status of orchestra 990 availability since the last time we checked in on June 20, 2022. Consequently, I’ve made the call to reschedule this for September, 2022. At that point in time, even if the only resource is the extracted data from the raw data in XML format, we’ll move forward using that content. In the meantime, thank you for your patience and hanging in through …

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#TBT Can You Afford To Take That Gig

In what feels like lifetimes ago, I launched the Gig After Gas Online Calculator in 2008 (shout out to Jason Heath for his help then). The tool was a response to rising costs of gas prices following the housing meltdown. In hindsight it was super simple but at the time, required a good bit of code to work reliably. A musician could enter their per-service pay, gas mileage, price per gallon, …

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