If Your Digital Program Is A PDF Of The Print Version, You’re Doing It All Wrong

H/T to Joe Patti for pointing out an opinion piece by Washington Post music critic, Michael Andor Brodeur, that may perhaps be best described with the headline “Perfectly Normal Change Upsets White Male.” Having said that, he inadvertently touches on one of the very real problems with the way some arts organizations implement digital program books. Far too often, arts orgs take a PDF copy of the print format layout and …

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Giving A Boost To #ShowTheSalary

During my July break, an engaging discussion took place at my LinkedIn wall about Arts Admin Jobs and whether or not it would require employers to include salary or hourly rate figures. Regular readers already know that I’m a large proponent of salary transparency and including compensation figures in job listings. But some voices advocated requiring employers to provide salary information and I agree with every one of the reasons listed …

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Looking For Unicorns On A Donkey Budget

The unicorn employee: someone with all the skills across a multitude of platforms, isn’t limited by job titles, and efficiently completes tasks at an awe-inspiring pace. They are willing, and even prefer, to wear different hats, inspire colleagues, and never lose empathy. Unicorns can make the difference between surviving and thriving and perhaps unsurprisingly, they are hard to catch even when you have the right bait. And this is why it …

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How Arts Marketing Can Avoid Khan’s Fate From Start Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan

Arguably, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is one of the best Trek films that managed to save the franchise. It relies on a solid foundation of cinematic storytelling that resonates with a diverse audience delivered through several timeless lessons. Case in point, during the starship battle toward the film’s climax, both ships are fighting in a nebula, which severely impairs their visual and tactical systems. As a result, they …

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