The Oregon Bach Festival’s PR Crisis Just Got Weird

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Just when you thought things were settling into the “quietly fade away” phase, the Oregon Bach Festival’s (OBF) public relations crisis flared right back up. The latest outbreak surrounds a document obtained as part of a public records request from Eugene Weekly. The 11/14/2017 edition of the Eugene Weekly published an article by Bob Keefer which reports the contents of the letter suggest former artistic director Matthew Halls was being investigated …

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The Multiple Conducting Post Cash Cow

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Norman Lebrecht published an interesting post at that notices the trend in conductors holding multiple titled positions is in no danger of going away; at least in North America. We used to include pointing out conductors who held positions at multiple orchestras as part of the annual music director compensation reports but over the years, it has played a reduced role. The entire notion of music director compensation enters a …

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Throwback Thursday: Music Director Compensation

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We’re about two months away from the latest installment in the annual orchestra compensation reports so I thought it would be fun to take a quick look back at the music director installment from last year’s series. If you recall, this was one of the biggest bombshells in the entire series history in that it reported Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s (DSO) music director Jaap van Zweden’s bank-busting $5,110,538 annual compensation. Michael Granberry …

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The Latest Instance Of Peer Review Problems

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The 3/22/2017 edition of the Indianapolis Business Journal published an article by Lindsey Erdody that reports on an Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) musician is accusing music director, Krzysztof Urbansk, of age discrimination. What’s interesting to note is Erdody’s examination of the internal process used by the music director and general manager, which reportedly contributed to current problems. Unfortunately, difficulties related to age discrimination and failing to follow a contractually mandated artistic …

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Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why Conductors Don’t Win Music Director Jobs: Poll Results

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Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate in last week’s poll asking readers to weigh-in on whether or not they thought certain types of artistic activity could help or hurt a conductor’s prospects at landing a music director position at a professional US orchestra. There were just under 300 respondents and the results were fascinating. If nothing else, they indicate the potential value in studying this issue in a …

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