Zombie Topics: Mobile Phones In The Concert Hall

Of all the zombie topics people will be arguing about long after I’m dead and gone, I would put mobile phones in the concert hall at the top of that list. At a recent concert, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the orchestra was encouraging patrons to use their phone to take no-flash pics, but only if they were sitting in the last five rows of the main floor or …

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Compensation Report Update

It looks like the Annual Orchestra Compensation Reports will be delayed a little longer this year thanks to quite a few orchestras not having their reports available for download. Most professional orchestras maintain a fiscal year structure that begins and ends at some point from June to August; as a result, they tend to file their annual return several months later than the typical April 15 deadline that applies to individuals. …

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#TBT It’s Still A Spaceship

As a practical example for yesterday’s post about marketing being more about creating a narrative about attaining what people aspire to rather than selling a product, I want to reach back to a post from November 11, 2009 that examined an iconic clip from Mad Men, Season 1, Episode 13: The Carousel. The entire scene focuses on the advertising firm convincing the client they aren’t there to help them sell a …

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Vulnerability Is The New Black

Joe Patti published a great article yesterday that serves up a good helping of grounded wisdom in the form of reviewing the fundamental difference between promotion and marketing. “…a [promotional] message of ‘come see this show’ is different from ‘this is a place that provides an opportunity to share experiences with family and friends.’ The latter is part of a [marketing] narrative about attaining what people aspire to rather than selling …

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How Realistic Are Your Budget Projections?

It’s not exactly earth shattering to say that budget projections are a squishy dark art (at best). But some of what I hear from colleagues on the earned income side of budget projections has been fascinating when it comes to the 22/23 season. While some are still embracing what I would consider a prudent approach of not having anywhere near enough data to accurately predict sales, I hear from others about …

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