What Everybody Ought to Know About Page Load Speed

LA vs. Philly

When it comes to your website, you want pages to load as fast as possible, anything less than snappy response times means decreased conversion and lower revenue. High speed internet connections have made sluggish page load speeds for desktop and Wi-Fi connections nearly a thing of the past but that doesn’t mean they can’t improve nor does it mean you can get sloppy with your web design while wallowing around in …

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Digital Strategy Done Right

Today’s post is an unmitigated must-read for anyone involved with arts marketing. Recently, Austin Lyric Opera (ALO) Marketing Director, Marc van Bree, published an extraordinarily detailed series of articles that covers everything related to the ALO’s 2011-2012 season website redesign and associated digital strategy update. The series not only serves as a superb guide for designing a similar project at your organization, but it quantifies the value in going about the process the right way.

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Anyone Interested In Helping Out With The Website Reviews?

Sometimes we’re blind to the most obvious of solutions and end up at the mercy of others for some much needed clarity. I’m certainly no exception and as it turns out, an unsolicited offer from a colleague to help with the annual website reviews couldn’t have been better timed. Moreover, it provided the virtual kick in the backside I need to officially ask for some help.

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