Nashville Settles Without A Work Stoppage


On 8/28/2013, the Nashville Symphony Orchestra (NSO) issued a joint statement with the Nashville Musicians AFM Local 257 announcing that the NSO’s musicians ratified a one year collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The only detail known at this point in time is the agreement contains a 15 percent reduction in musician base pay. The cut adjusts that pay from $60,000 to $51,000 but it is unknown yet if there are any additional …

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It Looks Like Nashville Came To Its Senses

Statements from the Nashville Symphony Orchestra (NSO) board and musicians indicate that both sides have reached a tentative agreement pending musician ratification. Since the musicians are still officially off for the summer, it is likely that they may wait until next week before conducting a ratification vote and if they have provisions for remote voting, that may add a few additional days to the process. But reports from individuals close to …

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More Unnecessary Shenanigans in Nashville


The 8/1/2013 edition of the Nashville Scene published an article by John Pitcher that reveals additional nonsense in the Nashville Symphony Orchestra (NSO) collective bargaining agreement (CBA) negotiations. Pitcher reports that there may be serious lack of communication between key members of the NSO leadership team and musicians appear to be responding in kind by leaking selective details from initial offers. On the employer side of the equation, Pitcher points out …

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Playing Fast And Loose In Nashville


In a sign that the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) negotiations currently underway between the NSO and its musicians may be getting hot, both the employer and the musicians have started playing fast and loose with the mutually agreed upon media blackout. Ideally, a media blackout means no public discussions through spokespersons or official outlets (press statements, websites, social media profiles, etc.) on any topics related to bargaining. A strong indication of …

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Three Things To Watch In Nashville


Over the weekend, news reports from Nashville indicate a deal between the Nashville Symphony Orchestra (NSO) and Bank of America (BoA) may be announced as early as today. Multiple sources claim long time NSO supporter Martha Ingram maybe the new variable in the equation, nonetheless, here are three things crucial to the NSO’s potential success you need to keep an eye on. 1) Managing Debt Making the decision to address financial problems by …

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