It Must Be In The Water

Just as I was working on the new platform for several of the Inside The Arts blogs, I get an email from the fine folks over at informing me they have refreshed the look of their site with a timely makeover. Additionally, there is a new culture blog, of which the content is free (hooray!) but the regular arts news is still subscriber only (aw). There’s also a fee based …

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Double It And Take Half Off

Adaptistration People 038

We’re rapidly approaching the deadline for the big presentation which will mark the end of my Area-51 project and even though putting together a PowerPoint presentation is always something of mixed blessing this project throws an interesting wrench into the process. In particular, what is the best way to construct dual language slides without overloading content or losing viewer interest… So far, there are two primary options: Create two copies of …

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Odds And Ends

Most of today is being spent working on the Inside The Arts platform migration so there isn’t much time to write. Given the rate things are going, most of the blogs should be moved over by the end of the month although Adaptistration will certainly be the last blog to move (simply because it is the largest). So far, the updated theme looks great and functions even better so I’m anxious …

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Adaptistration Poll: Subscriptions

Following yesterday’s article about the Met’s recent subscription issue, a number of readers sent in private email messages expressing an opinion about the future of subscriptions and how they related to performing arts organizations (including several from ballet folks – thanks for reading!). As such, it would be intriguing to find out where readers fall on the issue of subscription packages so take a moment to make your voice known through the following poll…

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A Good Problem To Have

The recent article by Dan Wakin in the 8/11/08 edition of the New York Times reporting on the problems encountered by Met subscribers attempting to exchange tickets presented a fascinating problem-solving scenario: how to anticipate and react to sudden increases in ticket sales. Wakin’s article did an excellent job at setting up the issue, establishing the level of patron displeasure, and presenting a comprehensive response from Met General Manager, Peter Gelb. Subsequently, from a behavioral change management perspective, I found some of Gelb’s statements intriguing…

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