Appearing Live On Detroit’s WRCJ Today

It will be my pleasure today to join WRCJannouncer Chris Felcyn today sometime between 2:30-4:00 ET to discuss the recently concluded American Orchestras Summit in Ann Arbor. In addition to the Summit, I’m certain we’ll chat a bit about the business of orchestras in general as well some issues relevant to Detroit. Local listeners can tune into 90.9 FM or you can listen online here. If possible, I’ll post some audio from the program or link over to something on demand. Chris is an intriguing host and I’m sure it will be a fascinating discussion. Note to Weekly Email Summary Subscribers: this week’s newsletter will go out on Saturday instead of today

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Tentative Seattle Agreement and Summit Live Blogging Day 2

The Seattle Symphony and their musicians have reached a tentative agreement. The new agreement, which has yet to be ratified by the musicians, will last 23 months over the course of three seasons and contains some very unique elements (although not entirely unprecedented for the Seattle Musicians). As I’m invovled with the American Orchestra Summit Day 2  (I’ll post Twitteresque updates again through the day if possible) and giving a lecture/Q&A …

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Live Blogging From The American Orchestras Summit

Throughout the course of the day, albeit with an interruption during session from 11:30am – 12:30pm ET, I’ll be doing my best to post thoughts and observations from today’s sessions at the American Orchestras Summit (full schedule). Keep an eye on the following update time stamp to keep track of new notes

Last Updated: 3:45pm

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Checking In On The ASO Bring Light Fundraising Project

Earlier in the month we took a moment to acknowledge the Alabama Symphony Orchestra (ASO), whose application was selected for the free fundraising project at As promised, today’s installment will report on the ASO’s impression of working with Bring Light as a fundraising service and examine how they’ve been using Bring Light for their project…

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An Invitation To Be At The Forefront Of A Paradigm Shift

Earlier in the month, I hinted at a professional project I’m working on that will serve as a paradigm shift in the way many performing arts organizations improve marketing, revenue, and outreach performance. Code named The Venture Project, the project is at a stage where I am looking for a handful of performing arts organizations to serve as initial users and to help refine the final development stages… What Is The …

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