It’s As Though You Were In The Room

QuickTime videos from January’s American Orchestra Summit, including my session, Thinking Outside the Box: Organizational Structures and Strategies, are now available at the Summit website. Based on the segments I’ve watched, it looks like the sessions are presented unedited and although the sound can be a little soft, video quality is good and offered in large dimensions. The summit produced some intriguing discussions; in particular, my session touched on the dynamic impact of Cleveland Orchestra’s Miami residency (which pops up around the 48:00 mark in the video)…

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So No Hard Feelings Then?

When will folks learn that just because you give an interview in a non-English media outlet that doesn’t mean word won’t get back to the U.S.? The latest transgression instance comes from conductor Christoph Eschenbach who told Die Welt (English translation via Google) that he thinks the Philadelphia Orchestra management during his time there as music director was “incompetent” and that they “lie.” He continued by reportedly accusing them of mismanagement that directly led to the orchestra’s current economic condition…

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Uncovering Hidden Value

In last week’s article, The Three Keys To Social Media Marketing For Orchestras, I asked readers what else of value, besides the actual music, do orchestras have that is interesting enough to potential ticket buyers and donors that it can be given away as a free gift. The responses were thought provoking and I want to use those suggestions as a starting point for continuing the discussion…

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Happy Anniversary Butts In The Seats!

Although I’m up to my eyeballs in work and fun in NYC this week, I want to take a moment to acknowledge that today marks the sixth anniversary for Joe Patti’s blog Butts In The Seats; Musings on Practical Solutions For Arts Management. I was enormously pleased when he decided to include his blog among the ranks at Inside The Arts and I firmly believe his RSS feed should be in every arts manager’s Top 10. One of his latest posts on cell phone donations is an excellent example behind why he is such an important voice within the online cultural community…

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A Tale Of Two Everetts

Apparently displeased with the decision from earlier this season to go dark, it seems as though the musicians from the Everett Symphony Orchestra have taken the adage “if you want something done right, do It yourself” to heart. At the same time, the musician driven initiative has brought on board a local arts manager, current Tacoma Youth Symphony executive director Loma Cobbs, to run the new performing arts organization…

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