Things That Make You Go Buh?!? The Huffington Post

It’s been more than a year since the last episode in this series, but given the wackiness that is the season of discontent, it was bound to happen. However, the source material for this installment doesn’t come from an orchestra stewing in a labor dispute; instead, it’s the newest leader in lowest common denominator tabloidesque cultural commentary: The Huffington Post (THP).

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Labor Disputes, Arts & Voting, Plus Lists

Last Sunday’s program was a great deal of fun; as always, thanks to David, Nate, Sam, and Patrick for having me on. The program covered a number of topics, with the lions’ share on the show’s primary theme of the recent rash of labor disputes. But I was struck by how much interest there was among the hosts on the topic of voting and the arts.

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Forget The Good News, This Time It’s About The Drama

The last time the folks over at invited me on their program, it was to talk about the good news stories in the field. But in the wake of this season’s bumper crop of labor disputes, it’s time to take a longer, harder look at the reality surrounding some of those scenarios. Granted, if you’re expecting some sort of Fox News for Culture approach*, then prepare for disappointment.

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