Talking Equal Pay For Equal Work And The MN Substitute Disparity With Robert Levine On SoundNotion.TV

On 1/19/2015, Robert Levine and I discussed the implications of the 2014 Minnesota Orchestra collective bargaining agreement (CBA) provision that established a substitute musician per service rate at 90% of their full-time colleagues. The equal pay for equal work oriented discussion was streamed live on SoundNotion.TV at 10:00am ET and moderated by SN’s David MacDonald and Sam Merciers. I am grateful to both MacDonald and Merciers for not only taking the …

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Start Thinking About Making A Difference

Last Sunday, 116/2013, I had the pleasure of appearing on and among the topics discussed were the value of transparency and the rise of the organized patron stakeholder group. On that topic, I gave the SoundNotion crew a head’s up about a new Kickstarter campaign I’ll be launching within the next month to raise funds for creating a new searchable orchestra 990 database. The segment where we discuss the project …

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Talking Up This Week’s Events


It’s been a busy week for tough news and in addition to keeping tabs here at Adaptistration Kathy Wurzer from MPR’s Morning Edition was kind enough to invite me onto the program on 10/2/13 to chat about what’s in store at the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA). An edited transcript and full audio are available at the MPR website and this Sunday, 10/6/13, the crew from have invited me on the …

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Unique Snowflake of Fights

Last Sunday’s program was a great deal of fun; as always, thanks to show co-hosts David, Patrick, and Tim for inviting me along for the fun. If you’re new to SoundNotion, the program is a weekly live video podcast on classical music news, discussion, analysis, and interviews with composers, performers, bloggers, and arts professionals. This installment covered a number of topics, but the primary thrust focused on the orchestra field, …

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Labor Disputes, Arts & Voting, Plus Lists

Last Sunday’s program was a great deal of fun; as always, thanks to David, Nate, Sam, and Patrick for having me on. The program covered a number of topics, with the lions’ share on the show’s primary theme of the recent rash of labor disputes. But I was struck by how much interest there was among the hosts on the topic of voting and the arts.

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