What’s Your Group Doing For Black Friday?

Out of all the orchestra mailing lists I subscribe (over 100 so far) it never ceases to surprise me how few offer any sort of thanksgiving holiday shopping promotion. In fact, so far this season, the only one I’ve received is from the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. Granted, not every group is going to have offerings suitable for a Black Friday but I was still expecting more than just one this season. …

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Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone will have the time today to enjoy a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving with family and friends. If you have a bit of extra time today, swing by Adaptistration Jobs or get caught up on what’s funny about the field over at Who’s Minding The Score? And for all of our non-US readers: get back to work! (but not too hard)  😉

Considering The Walking Dead Triage Option

chop cut

The always astute Joe Patti posted an intriguing article over at Butts In The Seats on 11/20/2012 that wonders about the value of liquidation bankruptcy on instituting new model type of change. Patti uses the ongoing Hostess liquidation saga in the face of employee’s refusing to take additional concessions in the wake of a series of cuts since 2004. Patti speculates on the long term value of bankruptcy decisions; although they …

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A Simple Solution For Improving Workplace Satisfaction

Adaptistration People 020

Workplace satisfaction, and the lack of attention it receives in the orchestra field, is an ongoing topic here at Adaptistration and when attempting to convince orchestras vis-a-vis my consulting work of the benefits from investing in meaningful workplace satisfaction efforts, one of the very real hurdles is time. Fortunately, there’s a new solution that could mitigate those concerns. For most orchestras, there simply isn’t any time for existing HR staff to …

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Examining the Minnesota Orchestra Redline Agreement Part 4

This installment of our ongoing examination of the Minnesota Orchestra Redline Agreement (MORA) will focus on the proposed elimination of seniority pay for all musician employees. To put it mildly, this is a profound proposal and, if implemented, it would be unprecedented in the field for an ensemble the size and stature of the Minnesota Orchestra. Introduction Material If you’re new to this series, please take a moment to expand this …

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